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Engaging video content for your website and social media channels

As you know Google’s search engine loves videos on your website and ranks it higher. On Facebook your content gets bigger reach if it happens to be a video. Your customers are more eager to watch a video explaining your product, rather than read through the documentation. We are facing a video revolution in an online marketing and companies are seizing the opportunity.

Video is a wide area: you can prepare animated infographics about your service, little GIFs highlighting the best features of your product or short videos showing your product in action. It takes a lot of tools and knowledge for your video marketing to work and reach your clients. Usually people from various areas are covering this in agencies, which makes the workflow longer, fragmented and expensive. This is where I step in. I specialize strictly in preparing video content for digital world. Combining filming, editing, animating and copywriting skills to deliver engaging content and help you to connect with your potential clients transforming them into your customers.

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What can I do for your business?

In my studio in Kranj, Slovenia, I work on videos for agencies and directly for clients.

  • animated infographics
  • video presentation of your product or service
  • animated case studies
  • video testimonials of your business partners
  • DIY videos and cooking videos
  • animated GIFs
  • explainer videos
  • HTML banners
  • social media planning

How the process of preparing an animation looks like?

When it comes to working on motion graphics, the process takes a few steps. First of all, I go deeply into brief. I do my research on the brand objectives, target group and benchmarks. After the goals are set, we can prepare concept structure and choose visual style. When this is established, I can prepare the script and then the storyboard. Approved script means that I can start illustrating. Once it is done and layouts are prepared, I am getting to the hardest and the most joyful part – putting things into motion. This is when the magic happens – characters are rigged, sound is adjusted and the timing becomes just right. After finishing touches, the video is rendered and it goes straight to your channel, website or usb stick ready to be published.






Altogether I do a lot of stuff while working on a project:

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