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Picnic in Ljubljana

Picnic in Ljubljana

Packing food and carrying heavy basket takes effort, but picnic with a marvelous view is totally worth it. Although summer is a better time for it, a picnic on a sunny autumn day is not bad at all! We packed some goodies and move to Ljubljana Castle to enjoy our meal on fresh air. There is just one thing with picnics in autumn. While the food and view can be equally good at any time of year, it’s good to remember to take blankets to your autumn picnic, even on the sunniest days. Blankets are essential ;)

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This video is a sum of creative work:

  • Camera: Žiga Pavlin, Anika Dziewior Pavlin
  • Editing: Anika Dziewior Pavlin
  • Music: Laura Hahn - Letting You Grow

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