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Sberbank Slovenia Animated Explainer Video

Sberbank Slovenia Animated Explainer Video

Animation in one day?

Together with Internavti we prepared animated video presentation in a bit more than a day. Internavti created scenario and graphics, I made the graphics move. It took us looong working day and a lot of fast responses on both sides, but the video was finished in basically one day. We just got some minor corrections and a few changes from the client, but again with few quick solutions, we could present the video to the client in no time. You always can prepare more sophisticated, more detailed and flawless animation, but after all - time is money, and what can you do in the given time - matters.

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This video is a sum of creative work:

  • Client: Internavti
  • Editing & animating: Anika Dziewior Pavlin
  • Created: 2018

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