selected work: Series of Animated Videos explaining the software

Series of Animated Videos explaining the software

MediaINFO is a Digital Library System. A software solution for easy viewing, browsing, searching, cataloging and sharing digitized Books, Manuscripts, Technical drawings and Art. I have prepared a series of short animated videos to explain the basics of the software.

We worked together for a year trying to explaint the software in a way that anyone can understand its powerful features. I have used mostly 2D animation combained with screen capture of the software.

Series of promotional videos explaining various functions of Digital Library System:

What to do with your Scanned Collection?

Browsing, Filtering and Searching Explained (Part 1)

Displaying Content and Search Highlights over original content (Part 2)

Interacting with, reusing and sharing content (Part 3)

Creating Stories from your Archive (Part 4)

Keeping your archive secure (Part 5)

Video tutorials for administrators and Interface Tutorials.

This video is a sum of creative work:

  • Illustrations: Anika Dziewior Pavlin
  • Motion: Anika Dziewior Pavlin
  • Client: MediaINFO
  • Created: 2016

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