selected work: Motion Graphics Challenge

Motion Graphics Challenge

Two days - this is how much time I had to write the scenario, script for Voice Over, prepare illustrations, animate and mix the sound effects. Meaning, I had one weekend to prepare a video from the idea to the product that is ready to be published. It was a part of a challenge that we took with our friends. The idea was to combine skills from different areas (programming, web development, copywriting and motion graphics) and prepare the prank project: the copy generator. It was a spontanious idea born on a friday hanging out in a pub, that went into the execution the next day. You can check the whole product here:

This video is a sum of creative work:

  • Illustrations: Anika Dziewior Pavlin
  • Motion: Anika Dziewior Pavlin
  • Music: bensound - Happy Rock
  • Created: 2017

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